Design and color psychology in selling homes

color homeToday, land is falling short and that is why vertical high-rises have become the order of the day. This is more like a forced entity on the minds of buyers. Of their own sweet will, they show a penchant to buy duplexes. It enables them to keep their parents together. Such parents may require secluded yet assisted living. Moreover, it is a great idea to extend the family space when children grow or some one looks to work from residence-cum-office.

Color wise, there is an inclination to go for earthly colors of late. So if you are a seller, give a part of the home, an earthly touch. Those looking to give flats out for the purpose of buy to let mortgages or timesharing understand visitor’s interest in earthly colors and hence look to make less-garish flats in terms of color. Living rooms can be brightened up in contrast effects preferably with vertical stripes.

Real estate investment training


Real estate investment training is an ideal foil to help you withstand real estate blues. Real estate is not a pancake. It is mire. There are shady deals, ambiguous deals and many deals which leave you feeling swindled. With real estate investment training, you can be well adept with long term investment in the business of real estate. The idea is to get trained through decent, well-spread and informative courses. Today, many tapes and e-books claim to provide crash courses for real estate investment but again they can hardly teach due diligence.

As a real estate investor you should know a viable property from a dead property. You should also know what hidden agendas mortgage brokers can have. It is important to understand all about the process of short sale and foreclosure properties. It is also your responsibility to understand all about the federal and the state laws. Acreage, soil, weather-relevance and a lot more comes within the compass of real estate investment training today.

When do I need a real estate appraiser?

Property expert

Real estate or the business of property doesn’t seem to die down least bit even in times of recession. Yes, there is a slowdown but hope just as well.  Real estate properties need to be assessed owing to many circumstances.

Before all, first reason for property assessment is property tax. Such an evaluation is conducted by the municipality or the city office. The idea is to levy tax on the property and hence an assessment of property value is required. No one wishes for a real estate appraisal during such times because as a general rule a property is evaluated equivalent to the fair market share principle and not in accordance with the evaluation of foreclosure or short sale properties.

A homeowner requires an appraiser during the time of resale. At such times, he is quite happy with the fair market evaluation theory as he gets a chance to get his property assessed at premium.

Women real estate professionals

Property agent

A century ago perhaps, real estate involved women only through clerical or peanut office roles but then slowly, things began to change and women became an active part of real estate. Today, agencies like WIRE operating from San Francisco enable women to function professionally as real estate advisors in different capacities.

Today, women are an integral part of real estate set-up as mortgage brokers, sales agents and broker-associates. Though their role is still constricted when it comes to commercial mortgage, they are virtually running the show in terms of off-field residential brokerage.

Statistics suggests that more than half of residential realtors are females. Well! That’s a startling figure for the cynics. In fact, women now more than ever before are entering into tough domains like foreclosure and short sales.  They are the ones actively involved with distressed owners, arranging a loan modification or other means of stop foreclosures.

Condo rules and responsibilities?

Condo rules

Condominiums are fast turning out to be fads and in lack of further land space, they are turning out as noticeable high-rises. An owner has got to play in accordance with certain rules and responsibilities. All the non-structural partitions fall within his ambit. Windows, doors and drippings around them also fall within his compass.

All the electric and television cable lines are his responsibility. Ex-partition service lines also fall within his area of onus. It is also an owner’s responsibility to shut off the main valve tap if he is away for more than 6 days. This is to protect against any water wastage.

Fire safety is a major concern and hence locked doors at second floor penthouses are recommended against. In the event of doing so, pre-permit from the area head is necessary. Residents are also advised against putting posters unless confirmed by the Board of Directors.

Invest in beach condos

beach condo

Beach condos are a rising concept. It offers all the three opportunities to a buyer. It can be used for living. It can be used for buy to let mortgage purpose and then, it can also be used for the reason of timesharing. The first one is a dream of an owner. Beach condos filled with all possible modern day amenities and a proximal beach are like a dream unfolding in front of one’s eyes.

Buy to let mortgages are on a rise. People love living near beaches if they can afford it. Those living in your condominium would pay you enough rent to account for your monthly mortgage payments. This one is a nice way of building asset.

You can also tie up with a nearby hospitality group for giving out your condo in timesharing capacity. It can help you in covering the expenses of repair and a part of mortgage. Beach condos are viable for the purpose of timesharing as tourists flank near a beach.