Top 3 areas to invest in 2014

invest in 2014Looking for sound investment options to put in your hard earned money? It is but natural that you will look for options that are lucrative so that you can maximize your return on investment. Now, a common tendency is that you pick up options which seem cheap without considering its pros, cons and risk associated with it. You just pick up a commodity expecting that it will strike gold, however it is not only a risky process, but also time consuming as well. If you are seriously interested to invest, it is time to get real and take decisions based on solid information. Serious investment doesn’t come cheap absolutely. Since you will be investing your hard earned money, undertaking detailed research is a must before you take a step forward.

Stocks: Although they are great investment option, Stocks do not come cheap. But if you invest in a right way, they are one of the most lucrative options of 2014. Now, the cost of stocks have hiked in last 5 years by almost 150%. Especially when it comes to stocks of premium sector are taken into consideration they are the most reliable options to go for. Even stocks of small companies can make it to your “invest in list” in 2014. But how do we actually invest in stocks which seem a bit too expensive to us. Well, it is simple, you don’t buy them immediately, you take a small position. Wondering what a small/short position is, well, it’s when you bet that the stock will fall.

Real Estate: The next sector to invest in is real estate. The trend shows that the sector is on the rise, and would be great area to invest in. Before you invest in any property, make sure to check for the state of the property, the age of it, its location. These 3 things along with the condition of economy are the determining factor whether its price will increase in few years.

Gold: Investing is gold is also a great option for this year. The price of gold is steadily on the rise in the past few years and is expected to remain elevated as well. Hence, you can opt for this investment alternative for a good return on your investment. Now, there are quite a number of alternative to choose from when it comes to investing in gold. First, is directly buying the metal in slabs or coins. Besides that you can also buy gold bonds if you don’t want to stock up on the actual metal. You can also buy gold jewelry.