4 reasons for owning your house

If you are first time buyer, you must be wondering if investing in property is a good decision. Well having reservations about this is normal and there is nothing to worry about. I will list down 8 reasons why a purchase of a property is worth a decision to be taken.

The pride of ownership

For home buyers there is nothing more elating than to have the feeling of being the owner of that dream property. It means that you are the owner of that space and you can do whatever you wish to do within the premises (of course it should be within the legal framework). The ownership of the property gives the person and his / her family a sense of security and stability


Like every other investment tool, real estate also moves in cycles. But the fact of the matter remains that the prices have always appreciated over a period of time. For many of the investors the investment in the house / property is a hedge against inflation. Once the prices have appreciated you also have the option of exercising the equity release option. That will give you access of the locked cash potential of your home / property.

Mortgage interest deductions

Investing in your dream property is an excellent way of tax shelter. The tax laws in Unites States, UK and most of the Europe favor property investments. The interest component and to some extent even the principal can be claimed as a deduction under the tax laws thereby reducing your net tax liability.

Capital Gain exclusion

Tax / revenue laws in many of the countries give tax exclusion on long term capital profits / gains. So if you have remained invested in your property for a certain number of years, the proceeds from the sale of the property are exempted from your tax calculations if those proceeds are reinvested into the purchase of another property.