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Things to keep in mind while renting commercial property

renting commercial property,Business and PropertyDo you want to set rents on the commercial properties of yours? Well then let us tell you about the basic things that you need to get prepared before advancing your work. If the profile of your lease is too complex then it’s absolutely a time consuming affair. First of all you should go through the lease with rapt attention then you should jot down the measures of the property and exact size of the square foots. Once you are done with it after that you should calculate the percentage of the rent you can get out of your property. If the lease is a triple net one you better decide about it beforehand. Taking some initiatives regarding the maintenance of the property is a must job for you. In triple lease deals the tenant has to pay for the common maintenance area. So follow these ideas and set your property for rent.

Buying a condo vs. Renting an apartment

With the rise in popularity of condos, many people have started thinking about which is better for them; buying a condo or renting an apartment. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends on the preference of the respective person. One should consider all the aspects of both options before going for either of them.

With a condo come great benefits that other living places do not have for example having a common pool for the whole complex is almost like having a private pool. The additional park or playground or gym adds to the living pleasure. Also the security offered with condos is not available in an apartment. While in a rented apartment system the overall responsibility of the tenant is very less, maintenance and paying of bills is taken care of by the landlord. It is cheaper to move in an apartment and also change apartments thus not tying down the tenant to one location.

Guidelines on property investment

Property investment is one steady way of earning huge returns on your initial investment. Some hot spots for property investments are Thailand, Dominican Republic and Barbados. The reason is obvious – they are teeming with tourists desiring accommodation. With each year, as tourism becomes more popular, your property will acquire more value and hence more returns. What is to be learnt from here is that properties bought overseas at tourist destinations are bound to get you attractive returns.

You must always stay informed of the best offers on properties around the globe and for this you should sign up for property investment clubs online to get the latest information on mortgages, distressed sales and more offers to buy. The real estate market has much to offer and the need for accommodation is increasing every day. Research well and make a portfolio to understand and acquire the most attractive of offers – which may be as diverse as they get, considering the beauty of this market.

How To Lease An Apartment With A Broken Lease

Most landlords are normally reluctant when it comes to leasing their property to people who have a history of broken lease. Although it might be challenging to find a landlord who is willing to rent out property to someone with a broken lease history, there are some landlords who might not dwell too much on that history. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to lease property even with your broken lease.

The first thing that you should do is to clear all your rental debts. If you cannot pay the debt in full, you should make the necessary arrangements to reimburse your previous within a given length of time. This will show that you are serious about being a responsible tenant. If you prove to be a responsible person by the way you present yourself to the property manager, you might be able to rent an apartment even with a broken lease.

Essential Subletting Tips

Subletting is renting out a rented house to someone else on a temporary basis. When you want to go away for some few days, you can have someone stay in the house for a fee. Here are some essential subletting tips that you need to follow before you allow anyone to live in your rented house.

You have to trust the person who you are subletting the house to. When you sublet to a person that you can trust, you will not have to worry about the security of your property. You also need to come to an agreement on the payment method. Subletting is a good way of saving money on the property that you have rented. You should know however, that as the tenant, you hold the full responsibility of the original lease. Therefore if there is any loss incurred when the house is sublet to someone else, you will be held responsible for it.

Indulge In Investing Through Probate Property

There are many forms of investing where one is investing through probate property. This is where you have to prepare for your death by writing a will or testament so that you can avoid the long process of probate property in case you die. This is a great chance of investment which you need to follow some procedures for it to work out well. The first thing you need is to get a petition form the court so that you can be able to sale the property in a legal way so that all fees and taxes which hare applicable can be paid.

You need to carry out this process very carefully so that it does not bring you problems in the end. You also need to give your heirs a statement if what you intend to do so that the can be kept in the loop of all that is happening. Some detective work has to be done to make sure that you are the owner of the property.

An Introduction to the Living Trust

A living trust is a legal entity which allows you to be able to move your assets for various reasons. This may include avoiding probate after you die. You can also have them controlled by another person if you feel you are not fit to do so. At truster is a person who helps you to come up with the trust while a trustee is a person who controls the trust.

One can also involve a third party such as a benefactor. The living is included to show that the trust is in effect while the owner is still alive. This is different from a trust that is created with a will because it can only be implemented when the person dies. The living trust makes it possible for the person to revoke it if need arises. When you give your assets to be controlled by another person it means that the assets will no longer be in your name but you can still control them and can be given out to the rightfully heirs once you die.

Steps To Effective Estate Planning

Estate planning is where you have set goals you need to achieve in any matter that regards real estate whether it is to buy, sell or transfer it. This is done through various legal documents and processes. First you need to have updated your will and testament so that it can be read in a court of law in case anything happens to you such as death. Second you should title the asset they own in a way to avoid the cost and public disclosure of probate.

This can be done by grouping your assets and also grouping your beneficiaries to know who gets what. You can also own your assets in separate trusts. You can also have joint ownership of assets with someone you trust. You should get a durable power of attorney for health care so that you can spell out the treatment you want in case you fall terminally ill. The final thing you should do is make sure you have a living will which declares your wishes you want put forward once you leave this earth.

Estate Liquidation – Pros and Cons of Tag Sales and Auctions

Estate liquidation is one of the most complex processes in the real estate business. The executors have the option of using tag sales and auctions as they have several benefits which are: if you are using the Auction option they make their work easier since there are many auctioning companies which can do the work for them.

This will help the property to move faster and there will be able to get attractive benefits and commissions and there will be little to clean up since all the responsibilities are left to the auctioning company. Tag sales are held on the property where everything in the house is given its own price. This enables the buyers to be able to look around and buy the items that they want. This helps to clear up items faster as it can be difficult to find some one who wants to buy the whole property but once you separate them they are likely to move faster and bring you profits. These are usually held on the weekends.

DIY Home Selling


Nowadays, there are many homes for sale by owners in the real estate industry. This is so because the internet has enabled this trend. It is easier to sell a home in the internet because it is easy to advertise and connect with would be buyers, upload photos, address questions and to provide the virtual open house.

You can sell on your own terms and you will thus offer more convenience to your clients. Most people nowadays do not afford the percentage that is demanded for the real estate agents because of the current economic crisis. This is why most homeowners have turned to selling their homes themselves in order to avoid the commission that the agents charge. The reason why it is even easier to sell a home all by yourself is that two-thirds of prospective buyers turn to the internet for information on homes.