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Family office advisor- A new trend

Family office advisorA family office refers to a private company that can manage investments and trusts for your family. The family’s own wealth which accumulates itself over a period of many years is most often the company’s financial capital.

Some of the services which a family office will provide you with include managing household staff, making travel arrangements and plans property management, accounting, matters regarding legal affairs, succession planning, etc.

For years on end, wealthy families have taken the aid of advisors to make intelligent and important decisions regarding investment as well as growth and protection of family assets for this generation and the next.

The trend for family office advisors only seems to be growing in this day and age. The term ‘advisor’ implying someone that sells investment products which make the need for autonomous private advice and counsel all the more important. More and more wealthy families seem to require the need of an advisor. As you can see, it is a much more holistic approach to managing your resources and family affairs.

What family office advisors provide you with includes:

• Preservation of wealth
• Financial planning of the family
• Risk assessment and management
• Planning of the Estate
• Allocation of assets
• Measurement of performance
• Amalgamation of wealth related professional services

Your family’s assets can be much more efficiently and professionally managed by a single office. It will coordinate all of the professional disciplines that may be required to manage the financial affairs of your family. They will provide an impartial as well as objective overview and integration which is very much so vital to long-term success.

Many investment or financial planners often sell products alongside their advice. However, there are some advisors who help you on a fee only basis and accept no commission and sell no products like bonds, insurance and stocks. You just need to find the right one.

Promote Your Property Using Photographs

PropertyPlanning to sell or rent your property? If yes then you have to make sure that you promote your property effectively so that the potential buyers or tenants can be attracted to your property. There are numerous ways to market your property. But the best way would be to utilize attractive photographs to promote your real estate property. There is nothing better than clicking amazing photographs of the exterior and interior areas of your property so that potential buyers or tenants can get interested in your property.

Firstly, you will have to hire a professional photographer who will click the photographs of the well-maintained areas of your property. After that, those photographs have to be utilized in the listing of the properties. Whether you have posted an advertisement in the newspapers, magazines or online websites, you have to make sure that professionally clicked photographs are a part of those advertisements. It will be good if you design a brochure which has numerous photographs of your property so that you can use the brochure to promote your property successfully.

You can even share the images of your property on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on because these websites can turn out to be a good source of potential tenants or buyers. The interior design magazines and other magazines related to properties generally help you advertise your property competently by utilizing any photographs of your property. Thus you should make use of these magazines in the best possible manner.

Remember that even if you have your own real estate website, you must have professionally shot photographs so that the interested people can view those photographs on your website and contact you. If you want to sell or rent your property quickly and conveniently then you should get hold of your property’s photographs as soon as possible.

Tips before buying a property

There are a lot of things that need to be dealt with at the time of buying a house. The biggest issue is arranging the money. With the prices of real estate going higher and higher by the day, it is very difficult to save enough money to buy a property. But, to solve this problem, numerous banks and finance companies have come up with excellent loans. A mortgage loan is a loan given out to buy a property with the property itself functioning as a guarantee of repayment.

 There are different types of mortgage companies ranging from banks to independent financing companies. The interest rates are generally quite affordable. These days, anybody can afford to own their own houses thanks to these types of loans.

There are some other things too that should be looked into before buying the property. You have to check whether the property is legal or not and always ensure that you get the right documents after purchasing the property.

Know Your Rights Regarding Apartment Late Fees

Did you know that you have your own rights as a tenant? Some of these rights have to do with apartment late fees. There are some rules that regulate how and when apartment late fees are applicable or acceptable. One of the things you have to know about apartment late fees is that they have a limit. This limit is normally agreed on between the landlord and the tenant before anyone moves into the house.

Most renting regulations normally allow for a few days’ grace period before you can be asked to pay any late fees. Make sure that you check the late apartment regulations in your area to ensure that you will not be harassed when you do not pay your rent on time. After the grace period passes, your late apartment fee will be assessed on a daily basis.

How can property taxes go up in a declining market?

Property, Finance, Taxes,Doesn’t it seem odd when we say the real estate value is falling and the property taxes are decreasing? At this time should not the property tax be decreasing to increase purchase of real estates and let the real estate market come in equilibrium with demand? .But unfortunately my friends that is not the case.

Property taxes are calculated on consumer price index rather than state equalized value which may fluctuate according to market conditions.

State Equalized Values or SEV is equal to 50 percent of the market value of ones property. So even if the market value of properties is high or low the property tax can be higher.

When a person buys a property, the purchase price, exact half of it becomes the new State Equalized Values.

To the relief of property owners in 1994, Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment known as Proposal A. Proposal A stated that to limit the increase in property taxes to either 5% or the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less, until ownership of the property is transferred.

When do I need a real estate appraiser?

Property expert

Real estate or the business of property doesn’t seem to die down least bit even in times of recession. Yes, there is a slowdown but hope just as well.  Real estate properties need to be assessed owing to many circumstances.

Before all, first reason for property assessment is property tax. Such an evaluation is conducted by the municipality or the city office. The idea is to levy tax on the property and hence an assessment of property value is required. No one wishes for a real estate appraisal during such times because as a general rule a property is evaluated equivalent to the fair market share principle and not in accordance with the evaluation of foreclosure or short sale properties.

A homeowner requires an appraiser during the time of resale. At such times, he is quite happy with the fair market evaluation theory as he gets a chance to get his property assessed at premium.