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Eco friendly properties in UK

With the adverse effects of environmental degradation escalating by the second, people nowadays prefer to go green. This concept is creeping in, in almost every area, with the real estate sector not being an exception.

With the increase in demand of eco homes, builders nowadays concentrate more on using eco friendly materials like grass, straw bales, and bamboo for building houses. Using renewable materials is the key to building environment friendly homes. For example instead of using wood as frame, straw bales can be used. For paint, instead of using chemical colours you can opt for natural colour extracts from various plants. You can also go green by using solar power for you house instead of regular electricity. Wind panels help to produce power which you can even sell if you have some surplus.

Now, if you are looking for eco friendly estates in the UK, the country has a lot to provide you. Taplow, Yorkshire, Ecostessey Park etc are fine picks if you prefer a green living.

The next property hot spot: Texas

finance, propertyLooking at all the predictions of the real estate industry in the US economy, it is said by some people that Texas can be a hot spot for property to make profit. It means that both the sellers as well as buyers should have a look at the properties of Texas as there can be a boom in the real estate sector over there. In spite of having a boom, Texas needs some changes like increase in the employment, increase in personal income and decrease in the interest rates. If these changes would be done then Texas can prove to be quite beneficial to all the people.

The property recession

finance, property, recessionThe US economy is facing a big problem due to the recession in the real estate sector. It is now necessary for the real estate industry to make some changes to bring back the economies situation as earlier. Some of the changes which could be done are: –

Throw out the people having less knowledge: – The real estate industry has some people which does not have enough knowledge should be thrown out of this industry.

Play the game: – It requires of playing the game according to the today’s world. The agents in the real estate industry should handle their business according to the needs and desires of the current world.

Customer the king: – The customer should be treated as the god or the king. It is required for a businessman to talk to the customer with a humble and polite way and not in a rude way.

Marketing: – It requires marketing to the people. The businessman should reach the media through which they could convey their offers

Great places to buy UK property

UK PropertyYou will agree with me if I say that each place has its own features: advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can never forget the town where you spent your childhood. You always crave for such place to live forever. But as life continues, the life desires also should be changed so that it becomes easy to live. There are about 450 major cities in the UK that have been featured in famed magazine as the best places to live.

The recession has its effects on the UK property too. Add to it the changes in the pension rules and interest rates as well as other economy factors, and UK is the best place in the world for people who want to invest in the property.

Before investing into the property, you need to do some research. You need to know what kind of city, town or sub-urban place do you need for yourself. This entirely depends on your preferences. Look for the nightlife, markets, places of attractions, and rates as well as the property taxes before deciding.

As per most of the online real estate agents, the best places to invest in the UK are London, Manchester, Southampton, Edinburgh, Oxford, and Cambridge.

4 reasons for owning your house

If you are first time buyer, you must be wondering if investing in property is a good decision. Well having reservations about this is normal and there is nothing to worry about. I will list down 8 reasons why a purchase of a property is worth a decision to be taken.

The pride of ownership

For home buyers there is nothing more elating than to have the feeling of being the owner of that dream property. It means that you are the owner of that space and you can do whatever you wish to do within the premises (of course it should be within the legal framework). The ownership of the property gives the person and his / her family a sense of security and stability


Like every other investment tool, real estate also moves in cycles. But the fact of the matter remains that the prices have always appreciated over a period of time. For many of the investors the investment in the house / property is a hedge against inflation. Once the prices have appreciated you also have the option of exercising the equity release option. That will give you access of the locked cash potential of your home / property.

Mortgage interest deductions

Investing in your dream property is an excellent way of tax shelter. The tax laws in Unites States, UK and most of the Europe favor property investments. The interest component and to some extent even the principal can be claimed as a deduction under the tax laws thereby reducing your net tax liability.

Capital Gain exclusion

Tax / revenue laws in many of the countries give tax exclusion on long term capital profits / gains. So if you have remained invested in your property for a certain number of years, the proceeds from the sale of the property are exempted from your tax calculations if those proceeds are reinvested into the purchase of another property.

Property checklist – before you grab that piece of land

Investments in real estate are done in order to secure profits. Some carve out an entire career out of this, and some other indulge in real estate as a supplement to their income. Many investors put their money in real estate with the objective of retaining the ownership of the property and leasing or renting it out for commercial usage.

Whatever be the objective every property investor must perform few sets of activities as a checkpoint before taking the last leap.

Know your property

Visit the property you are planning to purchase during various times in a day or spread it over few days. This must be done because few things look different in different times of the day. A perfunctory glance at the property is not enough. You might miss few important things.

Hire an expert

Bring an expert to walk you through the deal. Take the expert to walk through the property. There’s a good chance that they know some of things that you might not even given a thought to. Also, they help you in vertical integration of the entire process. Closing a property deal involves a series of activities from finding a property to ensuring that the title is clear, from valuations to securing mortgage loans at an appropriate rate, from verifying if the property is damaged and repaired superficially to ensuring if the structure has been completely secured, from planning to execution – they know it best. Some of better experts also have the list of good properties in your area. So if you are looking to buy properties in London, hire the property experts in London.

Background of the property

Make it a point to have the local county office records searched to see if the property is clear of any liens, taxes and/or disputes. The information is always on the records for you to see. The expert you have hired will come handy in finding the right kind of information on the related property.

Going into the deal armed with all the knowledge and technical support would mean that you are in a better position to negotiate the deal and that investment in the property would earn you better rewards in times to come.

Location…Location… Location… The Most important thing in Real estate

If there’s one thing that will decide the ROI on your property, it’s the location of your real estate purchase. Everything else is secondary and should be seen as value addition to your real estate investment.

The real estate prices in London are stable and moving up. But the valuations for properties in outlying areas lag behind than their counterparts in the central zone. The real estate properties lying near the areas services by the underground subway are seeing their valuations going up but the same cannot be said about areas not serviced by the underground subway.

The same phenomenon is holding true for United States. As a result of the sub-prime mess properties all over the US are going down. However areas which are serviced by good rapid transit systems are holding onto their prices against the rest of the areas where the property valuations have gone down considerably. However there’s the balancing catch. A property very near (too close) to the transit system is neither good. People always prefer to have quiet and peaceful places.

Maintaining the balance is as important as identifying the location. Everyone would like to have the police station in their area somewhere near by; but no one would like have their house or property to be located right under the police station’s nose. You don’t want the cops to breathe down your neck each time you come out of your house or office J

Location, as they say, holds the key to your valuations – In good times, as well as in bad times.

London super-prime real estate mortgages

In London, there is a large category of real estate in the £2m/$4m to £5m/$10m, with the average price in the Kensington district of London now in excess of £1m/$2m, these super-prime pieces of real estate also carry super-prime mortgages.

And this is producing a lot of nervous mortgage companies who supply the funds for these high-end real estate purchases, at this level of pricing the slightest shift in interest rates on a £2m/$4m mortgage will result in huge leaps in monthly mortgage payments.

With chaos in the world mortgage business caused by the opposite end of the market, sub-prime, real estate mortgage debacle, the ripple effects could cause very serious problems at the very top end of the London mortgage market.

Investing in UK Real estate

Investing in real estate in UK has been seen as a great way to make some good cash and generate a healthy income. There are many different types of property that is available to the investor. Real estate such as houses are in great demand and with mortgage lending showing no signs of falling many persons are in the market looking for homes to buy.

It is important that investors do their home work and educate themselves about real estate in UK. Investors need to have knowledge of the legal and financial requirements. This will save them from making bad investment decisions in the future.