How to Keep your credit cards safe

credit cardUsing credit cards have become very common these days. People prefer making transaction during shopping with credit cards. With the increased use of credit cards, the practice of carrying heavy cash has decreased to a very low percentage. Carrying huge cash is not a very easy task and you have to be careful every moment about it. But then while using credit cards, you should be well accustomed with few safety measures to protect your card from wrong use.

Put your signature on the strip at the back of your card immediately after receiving it. This will ensure that no one other than you uses the card. Never reveal the card number or the CVV number to anyone irrespective of the fact how much trustworthy he or she is.

Keep the contact number of the card helpdesk in handy always. If you have misplaced your card, without losing a single moment lodge an FIR with the local police station and then block your card by calling the customer help desk. Thus your card can’t be used for any illegal transaction.