The concept of mobile homes

Mobile homes refer to the concept of homes that can be moved from one place to another. In the initial days, such homes were also referred to as trailer homes. These homes have now come a long way with respect to their designs and flexibility. Modern homes are much more intricate and beautiful in designs and some of them look no different from the traditional brick and mortar home to a new eye.

They are also referred to as manufactured homes in the daily parlance. There are basically two types on manufacture homes – the singlewide and the doublewide.

The singlewide homes, when assembled, are less than 16 feet in width and consist of single pieces which are transported to the site. The double wide homes are around 24 feet around and are made of two parts which fixed together on the site. Though the double wide homes are very spacious, many people have reservations about leakages because of improper assembling. The triple wide homes, not as popular as the other two, are very spacious and can create space for as much as five bedrooms and around three bathrooms.

All such manufactured homes must meet the Housing and Urban Development code in US. These norms relate to building standards, plumbing, fireproofing, heating and air conditioning etc.

Earlier the manufactured / mobile homes were treated as movable property and were taxed accordingly. Today there are treated as real estate properties and are tax treatment is applied accordingly. Today’s modern mobile homes do not have wheels but they can be dismantled and erected again at the place of your choice.